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Indian-Origin, Kerala Family of Four Dead in California Murder-Suicide

Tragedy struck in California as an Indian-origin family of four from Kerala was found dead in their home. Police suspect a possible murder-suicide scenario.

The deceased have been identified as Anand Sujith Henry (42), his wife Alice Priyanka (40), and their twin 4-year-old children, Noah and Neithan. Authorities discovered the bodies after a concerned relative requested a welfare check. Also Read: Taylor Swift Deepfake Scandal: Outrage Erupts as AI-Generated Images Go Viral

Initial reports indicate that Anand and Alice died from gunshot wounds inside a bathroom. A 9mm pistol and loaded magazine were found nearby. The cause of death for the children is currently under investigation.

The couple purchased their home in 2020 for $2.1 million. Though police suspect murder-suicide, they have not ruled out other possibilities. The San Mateo police department assures the public that there is no ongoing danger.

Originally from Kerala, the family had lived in the US for nine years. Anand, a software engineer, and Alice, a senior analyst, had relocated to San Mateo County from New Jersey two years ago. Neighbors and colleagues described them as friendly, hardworking, and devoted parents. Also Read: Unveiling the Top 10 Highest Paid Adult Film Stars in the World

Court records reveal Anand filed for divorce in 2016, but the case did not proceed. The San Mateo County Crime Lab and Criminal Investigations Bureau (CIB) are actively investigating and collecting evidence. The coroner’s office is working to confirm identities and notify the next of kin.

This incident echoes a recent, similar case involving a wealthy Indian-origin family found dead in their Massachusetts mansion. In the past month, there have been at least seven deaths of Indian-origin people in the US. Despite these events, US envoy to India, Eric Garcetti, emphasized the US’s commitment to providing a safe environment for Indian students.

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