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Teen Hindu Girl Found Dead in Assam, Rape and Murder Alleged, Protests Over Suspect

In a tragic incident, a teenage Hindu girl named Arti Kumari Das was found dead in Bongaigaon, Assam. The incident has sparked outrage and protests in the area. The family of the victim alleges that she was kidnapped, raped, and murdered. They have accused a Muslim man named Sarfaraz Hussain of the crime.

Details of the Case

On March 5, Aarti, a 16-year-old girl, who went for work but did not return home. The family kept waiting but when she did not return till night, they started searching for her and asking relatives, friends and acquaintances.

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After this, the matter reached the police.  Despite all efforts, when nothing was found about him, the police registered a case on March 6.

The family was also running a campaign on social media to find Aarti Kumar Das.  Aarti’s reels were going viral. The family was appealing to people to provide information by sharing photos and videos if they have any information about Aarti Kumari Das.

Aarti Kumari Das was not found, eventually her dead body was found and she was also badly injured. Aarti Kumari Das was brutally murdered after rape. After this incident anger spread among the people.

Aarti’s family accused a Muslim boy Sarfaraz Hussain of kidnapping, raping and then murdering their daughter.

The matter did not rest here. Bongaigaon of Assam is disturbed. The matter has become communal. People are protesting on the streets. Police have started searching for the accused youth.

Incident Place

The incident took place in Mahabirstan, a quiet area of Bongaigaon. On Friday night, Arit’s body was found near the New Bongaigaon Rail Market.

Serious allegations against Sarfaraz Hussain

The girl’s family had earlier filed a complaint against a person. The police had claimed that the girl had an affair with the young man but later it came to light that it was not so. The name of the young man is Sarfaraz Hussain. Aarti’s family alleges that Sarfaraz Hussain seduced their daughter, held her hostage, raped her and then brutally murdered her and threw her body on the side of the railway track.

Protest Continue on the Streets

As soon as Aarti’s body was found, the people of Bongaigaon got angry. Protested by keeping the dead body. The matter became communal. As tension increased, heavy police force was deployed. People are continuously protesting. A crowd of hundreds of people is gathering on the streets. Local people are raising slogans to hang Sarfaraz Hussain. Protestors have taken to the streets with placards demanding justice for Aarti.

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