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Police Capture Sahil Khan After 40-Hour Op. Spanning 5 States and 1,800 km

Sahil Khan, the actor and influencer, was arrested by Mumbai police on Sunday in connection to the Mahadev betting app case. After a 40-hour pursuit, during which he continuously changed locations and intermittently turned off his mobile phone to avoid capture.

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Khan was apprehended at a hotel in Jagdalpur, Chhattisgarh. He has since been transferred to Mumbai and is currently under police custody until May 1.

The Mumbai Police are investigating a scam worth around Rs 15,000 crore associated with the illegal Mahadev betting app. This platform is under scrutiny by the Enforcement Directorate for potential involvement in money laundering and hawala transactions.

How did the Police capture Sahil Khan?

Sahil Khan, a fitness entrepreneur, along with his driver, departed from Mumbai on April 25 following the rejection of his anticipatory bail plea by the court. Initially stopping in Goa for a brief period, he then proceeded to Karnataka. Meanwhile, investigators discovered his absence from Mumbai and his failure to respond to calls.

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In Karnataka, officials report that he briefly stayed before moving on to Hyderabad. Upon arriving in Hyderabad, he booked a room and opted to keep his mobile phone switched off when not required.

Nevertheless, Mumbai Crime investigators were able to obtain information about the driver and his whereabouts through his cell phone.

Khan, suspecting that the police were closing in, instructed the driver to head towards the Chhattisgarh and Maharashtra border, passing through the Gadchiroli district and entering Naxal-affected regions.

Despite the driver’s reluctance to travel at night through the dense forested area where Naxals are active, Khan force him to continue driving.

Eventually, they stopped in Jagdalpur, Chhattisgarh, and booked a room at a private hotel. It was there that the police apprehended Khan, putting an end to an almost 1800-kilometre pursuit.

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Throughout the journey, Khan wore masks and sunglasses to conceal his identity, according to police officials.

What was Sahil Khan’s Role?

Sahil Khan, recognized for his roles in films such as ‘Style’ and ‘Excuse Me’, faces allegations of Promoting applications like The Lion Book app, associated with the Mahadev betting network, via social media. He participated in events in the UAE connected to the app’s launch and celebratory gatherings (Parties).

Sahil Khan accused of promoting illegal betting apps
Photo: Sahil Khan/Facebook

Enticed by the lucrative profits generated by the illegally-operated betting network in the UAE, Khan also became a partner in Lotus 24/7, a betting app offering a similar unlawful online betting platform, resulting in illicit gains.

Previously questioned by Mumbai Crime Branch authorities regarding the same matter, Khan sought anticipatory bail fearing arrest, which was denied. He appeared in court on Sunday and was remanded to police custody until May 1.

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