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Fake Kenyan lawyer who won 26/26 cases, arrested

Brian Mwenda, who lives in Kenya, pretended to be a lawyer, and judges believed he was one until he got caught recently.

Mwenda was arrested on October 13, 2023 by the Law Society of Kenya (LSK) Rapid Action Team (RAT) following public complaints about his fraudulent activities.

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According to LSK records, Mwenda is not an advocate and does not have a license to practice law in Kenya.

Facts East Africa’s Report

According to a report from Facts East Africa, Mwenda managed to represent clients in 26 cases before Kenyan High Court Judges, Magistrates, and Court of Appeal Judges, achieving victory in all of them.

Fake Kenyan lawyer who won 26/26 cases, arrested
Kenyan Court

The report says that Mwenda pretended to be a lawyer for a long time, and even judges didn’t doubt his skills until he got arrested recently.

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“Kenyan authorities have arrested a fake lawyer, Brian Mwenda, who has falsely been presenting himself as an Advocate of the high court of Kenya. He argued 26 cases before High Court Judges, Magistrates, and Court of Appeal Judges. He won all the 26 cases before his arrest,” Facts East Africa wrote on X.

People’s Reactions and Reply on X about fake lawyer

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User ‘Nungua Burnaboy’ replied: “So he won 26 cases against Lawyers who went to the law school but he’s rather being punished?. Those lawyers should rather be punished for letting one who hasn’t attended a law school win cases against them.”

User ‘TheTraderInYou’ replied: “M sure he is going to argue himself out of the arrest,”.

User ‘Mfecane asserted’: “Give the man an honorary law degree.”

User ‘_KAKUS’: “We’ve so many intelligent people at home who can easily perform at a chosen field without stress. Sadly, those people didn’t get the opportunity to go to school to acquire a certificate and this man right here is a perfect example.”

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User ‘fashaw_34′ replied: “To be a good lawyer doesn’t take law school just good reading comprehension and above average critical thinking skills, That’s it”.

User “The Virginia Project’: “He’s uncredentialed, but at 26-0 in major league play, he’s no fake,”.

Some more details of this case

Fake Kenyan lawyer who won 26/26 cases, arrested
Image Source: Who Owns Africa

Mwenda is said to have charged his clients hefty fees, but never remitted any of the money to the courts.

He is also accused of forging court documents and using fake LSK identification cards.

Mwenda appeared in court on October 14, 2023 and was released on bail pending his trial.

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