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Hoshangabad PIN Code 2024: Everything You Need to Know for Seamless Mail

Hoshangabad PIN Code: Nestled amidst the vibrant landscapes of Madhya Pradesh lies the charming city of Hoshangabad, steeped in history and cultural richness. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor sending or receiving mail, knowing the city’s PIN code (Postal Index Number) is crucial for seamless deliveries. But with various areas within Hoshangabad, it’s easy to get confused. This blog aims to be your one-stop guide to understanding the Hoshangabad PINcode and ensuring your mail reaches its rightful destination.

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Hoshangabad PIN code:

The primary PIN code for Hoshangabad city is 461001. This applies to most central locations and the main post office. Remember, this code is specific to Hoshangabad (Narmadapuram) city and not applicable to the entire Hoshangabad district.

Hoshangabad PIN Code 2024: Everything
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Exploring Further:

Hoshangabad district encompasses numerous towns and villages, each with their unique PIN codes. Here’s a quick breakdown of some prominent ones:

  • Narmadapuram Pin code: 461001
  • Hoshangabad Pin code: 461001
  • Itarsi Pin code: 461111
  • Seoni Malwa Pin code: 461223
  • Sohagpur PIN code: 461771
  • Pipariya PIN code: 461775
  • Bankhedi PIN code: 461990
  • Anhai PIN code: 461990
  • Dolaria PIN code: 461116

Finding Your Exact Code:

If you’re unsure about the specific PIN code for your area within Hoshangabad district, fret not! Several resources can help you out:

Understanding the Pin Code System:

The Indian pin code system, with its six digits, offers a unique way to identify postal zones. Let’s break down the code for 461001:

  • The first digit (4): Represents the central zone (Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh)
  • The second digit (6): Represents the Hoshangabad sorting district
  • The third digit (1): Represents a specific sorting office within the district
  • The last two digits (01): Identify the specific delivery office within the sorting office

Hoshangabad PINCode 2024


  • Always double-check the recipient’s PIN code before sending mail.
  • If unsure, use the resources mentioned above to find the accurate code.
  • By understanding and using the correct PIN codes, you can ensure smooth and timely deliveries within Hoshangabad and beyond.

In Conclusion:

Knowing the Hoshangabad PINcode is essential for efficient mail communication. This blog has equipped you with the necessary knowledge to navigate the postal system with ease. So, the next time you’re sending or receiving mail, remember this guide and let the deliveries flow smoothly!

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