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Pachmarhi Travel Guide: Planning Your Perfect Trip in 2024

Pachmarhi is a beautiful place in the hills of the Satpura Range in Madhya Pradesh. It has waterfalls, caves, and amazing views. People love visiting this hill station of Madhya Pradesh because it’s like the queen of the Satpuras. You can enjoy nature, history, and spirituality here.

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But with so many things to see, it can be hard to know where to start. Don’t worry! This guide will show you the best places to visit in Pachmarhi, no matter what you like or how you like to travel.

For the Nature Enthusiast:

Bee Falls:

Bee Falls Pachmarhi
Image Source: Google Images

Go for a swim in the pool under this beautiful waterfall, with lots of green plants around. You can walk down 300 steps to really enjoy it.


Climb up to the top of the Satpura mountains and enjoy the wide views of valleys, waterfalls, and faraway fields. When the sun sets, it makes everything look beautiful with golden hues of sunrise or sunset.

Satpura National Park:

Satpura National Park Pipariya
Image Source: Google Images

Go on an exciting ride in a jeep through this place full of wild animals. You can see tigers, leopards, sloth bears, and lots of different kinds of birds. Breathe in the fresh air and reconnect with nature’s raw beauty.

Handi Khoh:

Explore this amazing canyon made by the River Denwa. You’ll see cool rocks and lots of green plants. Take a walk along the path and find secret waterfalls and peaceful spots.

For the History Buff:

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Jatashankar Caves:

Explore these old caves where people believe Lord Shiva once stayed. Look at the cool rock formations that look like Shiva’s hair.

Pandava Caves:

Pandava Caves Pipariya
Image Source: Google Images

These caves were made in the 9th century, and people think the Pandavas from the Mahabharata story made them. Inside, there are detailed carvings and statues showing Hindu gods and stories from old times.

Chauragarh Temple:

Go for a walk up to this old temple from the 11th century, made for Lord Shiva, on top of a hill. From there, you can see all around, and the quiet feeling at the temple helps you feel peaceful and spiritual.

For the Spiritual Seeker:

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Mahadeo Hills:

Relax and enjoy the peace of these special hills. They have old temples on them and great views to see.

Gupt Mahadev:

Find the secret Shiva temple inside a cave. It’s a special place where people go to feel close to God and feel peaceful.


Reechgarh Pipariya
Image Source: Google Images

Sit quietly and meditate in the calm feeling at this Jain temple. It’s on top of a hill, so you can see really beautiful views from there.

Apsara Vihar:

Relax near waterfalls, calm pools, and lots of green plants. Swim in the cool water, have a picnic lunch, and just enjoy feeling peaceful and calm.

Duchess Fall:

This beautiful waterfall, surrounded by thick forests, is a nice place to get away from everything. Listen to the soft sound of the water, take deep breaths of the clean air, and feel your worries disappear.

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Beyond the Sights:

  • Boating: Have fun riding a paddleboat slowly on the calm lake and enjoy the beautiful nature around you.
  • Paragliding: Fly high in the sky and feel the excitement of seeing the beautiful landscape from above, like a bird does.
  • Caving: Explore the hidden depths of the numerous caves in the region, unearthing natural wonders and historical secrets.

Best time to visit Pachmarhi:

The best time to visit Pachmarhi is October to March for pleasant weather, April to June for lush greenery, July to September for monsoon waterfalls.

Pachmarhi is well-connected by road and rail from major cities like Bhopal and Jabalpur. Nearest airport is Raja Bhoj Airport in Bhopal And the Nearest railway station is Pipariya.

Accommodation: Choose from a variety of hotels, resorts, and homestays to suit your budget and preferences.

Remember: Be responsible tourists. Respect the local culture, preserve the environment, and leave only footprints.

So, pack your bags, lace up your shoes, and get ready to discover the magic of Pachmarhi. This hill station awaits you with its open arms, promising an experience that will linger in your memories forever.

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