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Kajol Breaks Her No-Kissing Policy After 29 Year

Kajol, one of the most popular and respected actresses in Bollywood, has broken her no-kissing policy after almost 29 years. The actress did a passionate kissing scene with her co-star Alyy Khan in the web series The Trial-Love, Kanoon, Dhokha.

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Kajol had previously said that she would not do kissing scenes on-screen, as she felt that it was not appropriate for her image as a family-oriented actress. However, she said that she changed her mind for The Trial because she felt that the scene was important for the story.

“I have always said that I will not do kissing scenes, but this was a different case,” Kajol said in an interview. “The scene was important for the story, and I felt that it was something that I could do without compromising my values.”

The kissing scene in The Trial has been met with mixed reactions. Some fans have praised Kajol for her boldness, while others have expressed disappointment that she broke her no-kissing policy.

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Kajol has said that she is not bothered by the negative reactions, and that she is proud of the work that she did on The Trial. “I am an actor, and my job is to portray different characters,” she said. “If a role requires me to kiss, then I will do it.”

Kajol Breaks Her No-Kissing Policy After 29 Years
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Kajol’s decision to break her no-kissing policy is a significant one, and it is likely to have a ripple effect in Bollywood. Other actresses may now feel more comfortable doing kissing scenes, and it could lead to a more realistic portrayal of relationships in Hindi films.

Only time will tell how Kajol’s decision will be ultimately judged, but there is no doubt that it is a bold and controversial one.

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Kajol Breaks Her No-Kissing Policy After 29 Years

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